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The Cost Of Knowledge

The Cost Of Knowledge from Michael Farrell on Vimeo.

Created remix compliation video in an effort to (1) illuminate the cost of knowledge and vital information in the Untied States and (2) tribute the late Aaron Schwartz. Video was edited and produced using premiere pro.

Visual Rhetorics: Video Essay

Michael Farrell Visual Rhetorics from Michael Farrell on Vimeo.

Filmed footage in West Philadelphia. Applied a variety of visual asethics and effects to convey the power images have to communicate a story and message. Edited using premiere pro.

Tinder and Swipe Culture

Tinder and Swipe Culture from Michael Farrell on Vimeo.

Produced multi media screencast. Increasingly polurar practice that promotes transparency and shows exactly what softwares and applications are being used. Screencast examines Tinder and the values inscribed in it’s interface. I argue that it promotes “swipe culture” and over-caffenites our romantic lives.

Visual Rhetorics Blog

Visual R Visual Rhetorics Blog

Jax's Labrador Retriever Rescue

Jaxs Lab

Engaged in a semester-long team-based projects with community partners. Acted as a Digital Media consultant for Jax’s Labrador Retriever Rescue. Studied advanced topics in social media research and applied current theories and practices. Designed a website/produced content for Jax’s Labrador Retriever Rescue and provided them with a Social-Media-Analysis.