Hi my name is Mike & I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with the rest of my life. I can tell you that I am a driven, motivated, and hard worker. I am adaptable, easy to get along with, and more than willing to learn/try new things.

WDDS17 Reflections

1. My main goal for my first crack at coding my professional website was simply to be simple and semi-aesthetically pleasing. My initial design sketches encompassed these traits however putting it into practice was way harder than I thought. Starting with the home page I had to learn how to code with containers, margins, borders, padding, a navigation bar list, block in-line, etc. Much more went into this process then I expected. I also had to think about what exactly I wanted on the home page. As you can see the answer I arrived at was not a whole lot. I, for the living life of me, could not find a video, image, or any project that I felt deserved to be on the front page of my website. I am very proud of the work, experience, and activities I have been involved in but right now I do not have anything particularly noteworthy and I am comfortable/okay with that for the time being. I think the picture of my name is very intriguing and evokes an emotional response from those who visit the website. It intends to make visitors a bit curious and interested. I think it encourages visitors to look into the tabs and this is done on purpose. The main content of the website is within my resume and works pages and so that’s where I want people to go. It is an interactive site meaning I do not want people to simply stare at the front page, I want them to explore the site and find more out about myself. I feel the home page does just that. As far as my portfolio, contact, and resume pages go, I really again tried to keep them simple, clean, and semi-aesthetically pleasing. I like to think i accomplished just that. I spent a lot of time looking at and experimenting with different fonts; something I really enjoy doing however it gets tedious and takes up some serious time. I probably spent about 5-6 hours simply trying out different fonts, and I’m still not sure if I am happy with my current ones. Overall I am very happy with my website (still working on it) and can not wait to continue to build from here.

2. Right off the bat I was extremely intimidated by coding. It seemed like such an intricate process and almost like a foreign language. I’d like to say that this turned out to be a false assumption, but frankly coding is hard and tedious. There’s really no way around it. And if you try to take short-cuts, they will eventually come back to bite you. So many cliches all turning out to be true! Two things that I learned and progressed in this semester are 1: experimentation and 2: less is almost always more. From the very first blog I always had a tendency to want to explore the artistic side of coding and how to implement many of the lessons I took away from Visual Rhetorics into web design. This was very difficult however it was also very fun and rewarding. From adding a corrupted file image to my home page background (first blog) to adding a javascript animation that indicates my preferred genders pronouns into my professional website, I always like to have some fun with code. I think this is really how we learn. The second lesson “less is almost always more” is one I found out the hard way today. I dedicated a three day time period over Easter break to work on my website. I have a fairly busy work/school schedule and knew that this was essentially the only large chunk of time for the rest of the semester that I would be able to give to this project. And so without really thinking anything of it I made my pages/tabs and made…. separate css pages for all of them. BAD IDEA! By the time I realized that most websites use the same style sheet and we also needed to have one style sheet for the assignment, it was simply too late. I had already coded the style sheets specifically to the tab/pages and it was going to take too much time to work backwards (I simply would not have gotten the assignment completed whatsoever.) It took way more work to do a css page for every tab and even worse: it has made the website semi inconsistent esp. in terms of images. With that said I plan to take some serious time this summer to finish my website exactly how I want it to be. This class and assignment are important but as a human being in 2017 it is vital to have a responsive professional website and so I look forward to spending some real time and energy fine tuning (and in some cases (re)-constructing my website.) And as I said in the midterm reflection: this class did not necessarily teach me how to code perfectly however it gave me a good foundation and tools (esp. The books) to continue to teach myself how to code. ThAnK yOU.